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By purchasing a ticket to an event through this web site, or entering information through the "Customer Information" form on this web site in order to purchase a ticket, you consent to One Longfellow Square sharing your email address and other information only with those involved in the specific event.


You consent to allow One Longfellow Square or those involved in the event to use your information to contact you regarding information pertaining to that event.

By signing up for One Longfellow Square's mailing list, you consent to allow One Longfellow Square to send you email informing you of upcoming events, specials or changes in this web site or company policy and practices.


One Longfellow Square will not distribute your email address to any party other than those associated with the event you purchased tickets for and only for the sole purpose of being able to contact you about that event.


If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us.


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